Art and nature are one, indistinguishable from one another. The Town of Princeton has many colorful people and I am grateful for the chance to get to know some of them through my paintings. Princeton is a valley of natural beauty that would be any artist's dream.   ~Kathy Schneider

Artist Studio and Gallery

Kathy Schneider

She was born in Northern Ontario, Canada and has lived in Princeton BC for over 30 years and she has a warm friendly youthful personality and adds karisma and character to the community.  Kathy has also been a valued employee and continues to be; for the School District #58. While she works as an Education Assistant at the Princeton Secondary School. 
Kathy welcomes new faces and friends alike to drop in and say hello when she is in her Studio, just send her a quick message if you want to come down (make sure she is in.) She brings to the table her skills and talent, unique style and boundless creativity.   Have a look around; maybe you will see a unique art piece that you think may look great on a wall in your home or even a gift for someone special that you know.

Kathy © Kathy Schneider


A Peak Inside

Studio © Kathy Schneider

Consignment Artists

We Bring in Local ArtWork

Red Post Art may bring in Beautiful or Unique ArtWorks on a consignment basis if you are a Local Artists in the Community.  
Contact Kathy for more information;


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All of the ArtWork displayed on the RED POST ART website are copyright protected and are either owned by Kathy Schneider or other local Artist(s). All of the ArtWorks created by other Local Artist's that are displayed from this website are also protected by copyright and are not permitted to be shared without the Individual Artists permission assumably these other Artists reside in or near the Princeton area in BC Canada.


296 Bridge St. Princeton, BC Canada

Kathy Schneider phone

+1 250-438-2444

Please send a text message or give Kathy a call if you'd like to set up a time to come in and view the ArtWorks.

Contact Kathy Schneider By Email


I'll be happy to answer any of your questions, arrange a time to meet with you at the Studio, discuss any other business related topics with you regarding the ArtWork or other possible opportunities for consignments if you are an Artist from the Town of Princeton or surrounding area.
~Kathy Schneider